What we do

We love beautiful jewellery. Which is a good thing, because beautiful jewellery is our business. Helping you make something special is our passion.. Whether it be a platinum diamond engagement ring, hand-made wedding bands or a piece to mark a special occasionour in-house team will work to your specifications and your budget to create a beautful finished piece.

We design and finish all our jewellery  in our on-site jewellery workshops. When commissioning a piece you don't just order a piece of jewellery you create something that becomes and important marker in your life.



The commission process

Bespoke work marries your style or individuality to the talent and versatility of Brazen's design team.  Everyone has places they've been or images they've seen that stick in the mind. Thes are usually visual indicators of your style and your personality. We work with these images and draw up a piece that captures what it is you are alooking for.

We work with you to choose the right precious metals and gemstones to suit the initial feel of the piece and your budget. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for - our job is to help extract these ideas and look at possible ideas that you may not have yet considered. After approving every stage of the design process it it the job our our worhskop team to bring the piece to life. Finally, every precious item hallmarked  as a indication of it's fineness.