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The Studios

Our name, by its very definition, not only means to be bold, but also to clatter and ring out with the sounds of brass or metal. Our name couldn’t be more appropriate; Brazen by name, brazen by nature.

Determined and creative from the start, we love nothing more than taking clients through the different stages that culminate in a beautiful unique piece that’s personal to them. We source stunning diamonds and gemstones from around the world that create the focal point or can transform heirloom jewels, breathing new life and meaning into them.


For us, the key ingredient is authenticity; we value honesty and integrity and we care about what we make and why we are making it. This is at the centre of everything we do. While the intrinsic value of a piece is ever important, the main motivation is design, originality, craftsmanship and ensuring an enjoyable experience.

We create beautiful diamond solitaire rings with a setting detail that differentiates it. We are creative in how we can use your old gold and we love creating wedding rings or other special pieces that have a personal meaning. We are not scared to take on a brief that challenges the tradional materials within jewellery. This is why we are Brazen.

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Our Studios

The Design Studio

This is where all the conversations, gem shapes, colours and design ideas infuse.

A design can be born from a variety of ideas, a beautiful diamond, a simple holiday snap of a building, or the celebration of a special date. Either way, it needs to blend proportion and style.

Most importantly the design needs to reflect the wearer and should complement their personal style. More often than not, these pieces become special, memorable life markers that will be worn for a very long time, so working through the sketch phase is the ideal time to contemplate different design ideas. Sarah works with a each customer to build exploration drawings that encapsulate the look and sets the tone of the final piece. The final technical drawings illustrate the final composition and proportions of each stone or detail. During this time, Sarah guides you through the properties of diamonds and gemstones and advises how your piece will be fabricated to ensure the piece is both beautiful and enduring. If you have an idea which you woudl like to discuss please get in touch with

The Goldsmith Studio

Ever busy, the workshop is where you will hear the chime of metal or the dull reverberations of polishers and pendant motors.

Located onsite with the design studio, you are never far away from the hard work and expertise that go into the forging and making our pieces. This is where the workshop team take the drawings and models generated from the design studio and start the transformation. Every piece needs to be expertly assessed and created using a wide variety of techniques.

Metal is forged, wax is carved, and stones need to be sorted and arranged in readiness for the final setting and polishing. It is often dirty work but a process that requires a tremendous amount of skill and attention to detail. Whether it be a piece being forged from scratch, or a simple resize or repair, the team are always happy to explain the process involved and what is required to finish the piece. If you would like any technical advice please get in touch with

Why Choose Us?


We specialise in making one-off pieces and as such each piece we make is entirely bespoke. We love the intial conversations that starts the design process. When we work with clients, we encourage them to go on a mini visual tour of things that inspires them. This could be the print on the side of your favourite china, a famous architectural landmark, or simply using an outstanding stone. It really doesn’t matter where the story starts. Everyone knows what they like and they don’t like and through visuals we work out what details are going to work the best within the design. A picture tells a thousand words and we use pictures and images to layout what the piece will look like. 


We rely on our expertise to decide exactly how the piece will come together and what techniques best suit the final outcome. This is where the job needs to transform from the first sketches into a wearable and well-proportioned, three-dimensional piece. The size and depth of stones, the position of where it will be worn, and the final metal which will be used all need to be taken into consideration. Our technical backgorund and ability to use various fabrication techniques to create the best outcome.


Once the design has been refined and the right stones have been selected, it is then the job of the workshop to make and finish the piece. The workshop will ensure the stones are beautifully set and the metal is finished the way you want it. Items are also hallmarked during this stage to ensure they carry the UK mark of finness. They are then boxed and ready for presentation.

Sarah Raffel 

Founding Creative

Sarah has been a professional designer for over 13 years. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2003 and the following year opened Brazen’s flagship store in Glasgow’s Merchant City. While the studio has now relocated to a beautiful Art Nouveau building in the city centre, Sarah’s ethos remains the same; to design and create beautiful and original jewellery. She has both a creative and technical background which she applies to the design process. She explores different aesthetics and considers each setting and visual details from start to finish to ensure it fits the design brief. Sarah generates the drawings throughout the initial design stage from the sketch concepts through to the technical elevations that illustrate the final piece prior to it being made. While she dedicates most of her time to private commissions she has also collaborates with award-winning interior companies, and organisations to create bespoke metalwork, jewellery collections and awards.