Warrior Ring - Large

Warrior Ring - Large


Are you a warrior? Know someone who is? Sometimes it feels good to have a little reminder that there is a bit of a warrior in all of us. Sometimes you want to shout it from the rooftops. This range is a real labour of love that was initially created as a personal heavy-metal talisman. For those who wear it they become part of the tribe and each piece takes on its own personal meaning.

As the designer Sarah says, “You don’t always know what the end result will be when you first pick up that (big) block of wax and file. I initially just wanted to reacquaint myself with the pleasure of creating large pieces but knew I wanted a piece that had real presence.”

Our warrior range is bold and fierce in style. It evokes strength and protection. Tough luxe that is also incredibly tactile. With its high polished form, this ring becomes your own piece of personal armour. Join our Brazen tribe.

NOTE: These rings are made to order and will be dispatched within 3 weeks once they are finished and hallmarked.

Alloy - Sterling Silver


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